In my job as a high tech marketeer, I travel often especially during the trade show seasons in the spring and the fall. Recent trips included trade shows in Chicago and Orlando. Other frequent trips include visiting my friends in Santa Cruz and Silicon Valley. My Dad and I love to visit Alaska by cruise ship, which we have done together five times.

Two of my most cherished trips of the last decade include crossing the Panama Canal and visiting Vietnam and Cambodia with my Dad for the first time since he served in the "American War", as it is called over there. A long-standing travel tradition has been visiting Hawai'i, with my personal total now up to 12+ visits to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

In my travels, a common thread has been getting off the beaten track, spending time in "home stays", and pursuing "farm-to-fork" experiences with both farmers and chefs. I have been to all fifty US states and 40 countries and have lived in four countries (the US, Japan, England, and Switzerland) and over 25 cities.

What have I learned from travel? (What haven't I learned from travel, might be the shorter answer.) In a word, empathy. Seeing different ways of living, meeting different people - I am in awe at our basic similarities and our lovely differentiation.


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