Tending toward the dilettante, I dabble in a wide range of eclectic interests. I'll confess, it's both a blessing and a curse, my brain tends to go wide rather than deep. I know a little about a lot, just enough to get me in trouble sometimes but fortunately also enough to monetize for game shows!

Without a doubt, top areas of interest most certainly include travel, religion, and languages. For travel, the thrill for me is immersion in a different mindset and way of living. For religion, it's less about my own beliefs than in pondering how and why folks believe and operate as they do. Then as for languages, I love to listen to how they sound, how they are arranged, what is of seeming importance in each context: expression and passion and rhythm in Spanish; honor, honorifics and hierarchy in Japanese; assimilation and appropriation of other language concepts in maddeningly inconsistent English.

Some minor collections: I love the look and feel of Asian antiques, of Amish furniture, of Hawaiian wedding quilts, of chenille. Love lighthouses and sea shells. I love chickens, and pigs and goats, and children when they giggle. My dogs mean the world to me, so please don't tell them a few cats have gotten to my heart of late.

I live to eat, rather than eat to live (and it shows, a constant struggle there!). Love to cook and bake, and grow my own food to share with others; hope to get back into canning like I used to do with my Nana and then take it up a notch once my orchard starts producing. My farm literally keeps me grounded - I know I 'should' wear gloves, but I like the feel of dirt on my hands. Love to hike but have been out of the habit recently due to a pesky arthritic knee. Love watching classic movies with my Dad and randomly quoting movie dialog with each other while we discuss football and politics.


Deb Howard
Santa Cruz, CA and Long Beach, WA
Mobile: 408.204.2085
deborahannhoward AT gmail.com