To paraphrase Chico Escuela, Garrett Morris' baseball character on Saturday Night Live, "game shows have been very very good to me." My first game show appearance was days after my eighteenth birthday on the now-cult classic show, Whew!, and it took off from there. Whew! was hosted by Tom Kennedy, one of my all-time favorite hosts. Check out the explanation of the game here, complete with graphics and still shots of the colorful set..

Game shows seem to run in the family: my dad appeared as a panel member for a week on Card Sharks with Bob Eubanks of The Newlywed Game fame. And, speaking of the Newlywed Game, in another interesting family twist, my deceased husband's brother, Dan Thomas (who was a professional actor who took the stage name of Daniel Trent in deference to Danny Thomas), was a winning contestant on that very game show! A gay man, he married his female best friend in part so they could go on the show together. They knew each other so well, they were confident they would win, or at the very least, add to their onscreen performance portfolio. (I was told they did indeed win a washer/dryer combo which they desperately needed at the time as struggling actors.)

Click on the screens below to view my broadcast game shows:

Whew! (1979) Jeopardy (1985)    

Jeopardy Intro

Jeopardy Nicknames

Jeopardy Fairies
$100,000 Pyramid (1987)      
$100K Pyramid - 1

$100K Pyramid - 2

$100K Pyramid - 3

$100K Pyramid - London
Joker's Wild (1991)    Scrabble (1993)       Win Ben Stein's Money

Scrabble Intro

Scrabble Win
Millionaire (2015)  
Millionaire, Day 1

Millionaire, Day 2
Big Win & Surprise

To date I have been on seven game shows and taped four network pilots, including: the 1990 revival of "To Tell the Truth" with Lynn Swann and Lynn Redgrave among the panelists. (If anyone has a copy of this show, which accidently aired in one or more time zones, and is willing to share with me, I'd be forever grateful!) Here are the seven "official" game shows I've been on:

and most recently,

Here's a shout-out also to all the great announcers I have worked with, including Rod Roddy, Johnny Gilbert, Charlie Tuna and my personal favorite among favorites, the late great Charlie O'Donnell - my mom also especially LOVED Charlie.

Off-air for the pilots, I have worked with Monty Hall (what a nice gentleman!), Peter Tomarken (had great chemistry with him; unfortunately, taken too soon in a plane crash), Mark Goodson, and many other game show legends. Over the years, I've worked with ABC, CBS, CNN, CSPAN, Ralph Edwards Productions, Mark Goodson Productions, Merv Griffin Enterprises, Joe Hamilton Productions, Jay Wolpert Productions, Kline & Friends, MACH3 Productions, NBC, Bob Stewart Productions, and others.

House Judiciary Committee (1998) Dr. Deb Show (1992) CACSAP (1991) 2 COW HERD  

In addition to game shows, other national broadcast appearances include an interview on NPR Radio (1994) regarding health care, Minnesota Public Radio (1997) regarding ISP issues, and testimony before the Judiciary Committee of the US Congress (1998) in opposition to the Worldcom-MCI merger which was broadcast live on CSPAN. When I led the Reproductive Awareness Project teaching family life education to incarcerated youth, I was a frequent speaker at local and state conferences (Dr. Deb Show and CACSAP, above). The ad I created for my ISP, 2 COW HERD, was nominated for a Clio award for best local advertising.

Other "performances" include briefing press, analysts, customers and partners for product and solution launches. At Cisco alone, I have served as the messaging and/or overall strategic launch lead for 15 launches. As one example when I was responsible for Unified Fabric solutions GTM, I was the messaging lead and analyst/press spokesperson for the Matterhorn global data center launch. (At the time we used mountain themes for the internal code names for our launches.) For the main launch webinar, we garnered over 4000 registrants from 156 countries (+247% than previous launch) with a 12 percent higher overall rating than ever before.

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