Deb Howard, M.P.H., is a high tech marketing professional with over 20 years of experience. Coupling creativity with a technical background, Deb has a proven track record of revenue-generating success from both organic sales growth and acquisitions. To put herself through school, some of her more interesting non-tech jobs included doughnut maker, unagi farmer, and winning game show contestant.

A native of Los Angeles, Howard has traveled extensively to over 40 countries living in four of them within 27 cities due to her father's career as U.S. Naval aviator and her own career, including positions with the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland and the Children's Defense Fund (CDF)* in Washington, D.C. A fifth-generation farmer, Deb traces her roots in America back to the 1600's and has kin who settled in California, Oregon, and Washington while they were still territories. Deb now spends her time in Silicon Valley; Santa Cruz, CA; and her farm in Long Beach, WA, where she lives with her elderly father who was widowed nine years ago.

An Ivy League graduate of Brown University, Deb was awarded scholarships there along with fellowships to study at Keio University (Tokyo, Japan) and University of Cambridge in England. She received her Master's Degree in Population Studies from the UCLA School of Public Health where she completed doctoral coursework and exams (but not her dissertation, alas). While at UCLA she was a Pew Fellow, Rand Policy Associate, Chancellor's Fellow, and an Alumni Association Distinguished Scholar. Deb has also received an Executive MBA certificate in marketing from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

She speaks, reads and writes English, Japanese and Spanish and has appeared on all major networks and several cable outlets, including presentations before the House Judiciary Committee, several state legislatures, and international agencies such as the OECD. She has been a Netizen since the her first email account on the ARPAnet and is amazed at the spread and impact of the Internet as it has evolved today.

Deb was named an AmazonCity "Entrepreneur of the Month" and was one of Inter@ctive Week Magazine's "25 Hottest People on the Web" along with Jeff Bezos of Amazon. Deb was also named an "Intranet Guru" by Netguide Magazine and was the inaugural recipient of the "Deb Howard Service Award", awarded annually by the ISP/C. Websites under her direction have won Gold Site awards from NetGuide Magazine and honorable mention from the History Channel.

Accomplished at messaging and positioning, Deb has authored over 100 and contributed to ~100 additional wire releases resulting in over 500 high tech trade and business media citations. In addition to writing and editing hundreds of technical solution briefs and white papers at Pure Storage, Cisco, Nishan Systems, McDATA, Hitachi Data Systems and NEC, Deb has been published by the Oxford University Press, the UCLA Journal of Public Health, the UCLA School of Education, and the Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly. She also has editing experience with traditional print media in newspaper, magazine, and academic journal formats and served as night editor and sports reporter for the Brown Daily Herald and was an Editor of the UCLA Journal of Education.

An experienced RFP writer, Deb has secured state and federal grants exceeding $10 million for non-profit health and educational organizations including the Reproductive Awareness Project of Juvenile Court Health Services, JWCH Institute; the City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services; and the Westside Women's Health Center.

Deb Howard
Santa Cruz, CA and Long Beach, WA
Mobile: 408.204.2085
deborahannhoward at

* Side note: when she was First Lady of Arkansas, former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was the chair of the CDF board when Deb interned there.